Lunch Menu



– house smoked Augustus ranch beef

– house fermented sauerkraut

– swiss cheese

– charred tomato sauce

-slow dough rye


chicharrone, zataar, sour cream, curtido, chive  5

crispy potatoes, corn, andouille, boil spice  9

cured plate: head cheese, American whiskey pate, coppa, whipped lardo, sour cucumber  13

soup of the day  4/7

soup and side  7

salad of local lettuces, smoked ham, maytag cheese, yard egg, herbs, egg yolk dressing   10

Texas watermelon, cherry tomato, roasted corn, french feta, basil, preserved lemon  10

heirloom tomato, queso fresco, fine herbs, olive oil   10


Texas red hot lamb sausage, cheddar grits, sweet peppers, tomato broth   16

gulf coast by-catch, harissa, yogurt, savoy, curtido, caramelized lemon  19


gulf fish salad, shaved cabbage, pickles, challah bun   12

bahn mi, glazed mushrooms, carrots, cilantro, cucumber, pickled jalapeno, mayo, slow dough baguette  12

chicken torta, chili-braised chicken, black beans, avocado creama, lettuce, tomato, pickled jalapeño  12

grass-fed roast beef sandwich, cheddar, arugula, pickled onion, brown butter aioli, challah bun   12

b.l.t., edwards country bacon, tomatoes, arugula, green goddess mayo  12

summer veggie sandwich, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant spread, cucumber, red onion, quest fresco, pecans, multigrain toast  12



mustard potato salad
ginger-lime cole slaw
summer corn salad