12.13 Toad In The What?

Roasted Chicken


Prepared Food

Traditional Toad in the Hole finds its origins in England and is said to have been named after the idea of a frog or toad sticking his head out of a hole. Pretty obvious, I suppose. But we don’t really know anything about that. Said toad is really the egg and our version will come in a griddle-toasted fat slice of rustic Slow Dough bread, garnished with sauteed Emile Street Garden greens and our housemade sausage–top that with Gruyere cheese sauce. Delicious. Lines start forming at 8am.

Call Ahead
Roasted Chicken


Tx Olive Ranch

~ Mesquite
~ Muy Bueno


~ Fluff Bar Bakery Gingerbread Men
~ Fat Cat Ice Cream

Blackberry Farms

~ Strawberry Rhumarb
~ Pickled Ramps
~ Blueberry Jam
~ Pumpkin Pear Butter
~ Peanut Butter


~ Benton’s Country Bacon
~ Heritage Turkey Bacon
~ Revival Bacon

Bellwether Yogurt

Delicious Sheepmilk Yogurt from Sonoma County in California. In a variety of flavors

~ Strawberry
~ Spiced Apple
~ Vanilla
~ Blackberry
~ Blueberry


As Seen On Mytable’s
Favorite Local Food Books

~ Eat It
~ Hugo Ortega’s Street Food of Mexico
~ Houston Small Plates & Sips
~ The Ultimate Food Lover’s guide to Houston
~ Houston Small Plates & Sips


Call Ahead
Roasted Chicken


Always on the lookout for things to make your life easier, we’ve conveniently located a ton of stocking stuffer ideas on the butcher block at the main entrance to the store. Think beyond the traditional ideas. What that special someone really wants is a delicious bottle of Tennessee sorghum syrup for their biscuits in the morning. Completely fail-safe ideas to make that holiday shopping painless.

~ Taza Chocolate
~ Housemade American Mustard
~ Houston Honey
~ Housemade Pickled Radishes
~ Housemade Market Grill Rub
~ Housemade Bread & Butter Pickles
~ Apple Marmalade
~ Pickled Golden Beets
~ Pickled Red Beets
~ Sam Houston BBQ Sauce
~ Chicharrones
~ Chocolate Truffles

~ Fluff Bake Bar Fluffernutters
~ Blue Heron Farm Bourbon Cajeta

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