Our Food

We originally conceived Revival Market as a new take on an old world butcher and charcuterie shop. As our idea developed we decided to showcase all the great local products that Houston and the Gulf Coast region has to offer. So, in our 1600 square foot shop, you’ll find everything you need to cook a meal at home from locally raised meats and vegetables, as well as a lot of extra goodies, all sourced from 150 miles whenever possible.

Need a loaf of bread, a pound of coffee or a quart of local milk on the way home from work? Decide you don’t want to cook and want some delicious prepared food for dinner? Revival Market is a one-stop shop for local foods.

At Revival’s small café, which has already become a gathering place for the neighborhood, our baristas will make your morning cortado or latte with beans that have been roasted by one of the four local purveyors who supply us coffee. A seasonal menu of breakfast items, soups, sandwiches and salads are available to eat in or take out.

Meat & Charcuterie

Our butcher case contains locally-raised meats that include nose-to-tail cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and seasonal game meats. Everything is pasture raised, antibiotic free, smoked and butchered in house. We’ll tell you where the animals were raised, what they ate, and cut and grind the meat to your specifications.

Ryan and charcutier Andrew Vaserfirer, Head Butcher & Charcutier, use pasture raised heritage breed pork to create a wide range of charcuterie, salumi and terrines.

Locally Sourced

We currently source a wide selection of pantry staples, vegetables, milk & cheeses and meat from artisans & ranchers from the greater Houston-Gulf region. We are constantly in search of the highest quality local foods and products to stock on our shelves.

House Made

Revival’s house-made products range from prepared foods to go that include roasted chickens, prepared vegetables and side dishes to anything we can jar, vacuum seal and barrel age. These include seasonal jams and jelly, market tomato sauce, market salsa, american mustard, seasonal pickled vegetables, dips, dressings and baked goods (take & bake options now available!)

Artisanal Producers

We are proud to showcase the talented food artisans that Houston and the nation have to offer:

  • Slow Dough Bread Co. provides us with over a dozen types of sliced and artisan breads twice daily.
  • Fluff Bake Bar bakes cupcakes, pies, fruit bars and cookies that we can’t keep in stock
  • Houston Dairymaids sources cheeses from unique and talented cheese makers across the country including local favorites Pure Luck & Veldhuizen.
  • Coffee roasted in small batches by Greenway.
  • Texas Olive Oil, Tavola Pasta, Bravado Hot Sauces, Hugo’s Tortilla Chips & Spicy Peanuts, Caphin Vietnamese Coffee, Kickin Kombucha, Confituras, Serendipity Confections

Revival Café & Coffee/Tea

Revival Market has a small indoor café with additional sidewalk seating to enjoy your morning or afternoon break coffee, a light breakfast, lunch or dessert. We are pretty proud of our coffee bar, which is manned by professional baristas from open to close. They will prepare you a choice of coffees – from drip to cortado to a flat white – made with beans from one of four local coffee purveyors. We also stock beans by the pound that can be ground to you specifications.

Revival offers a seasonal menu of salads, soups, sandwiches and daily specials that change regularly.