Traditional in sensibility, contemporary in style, Revival Market is our interpretation of a responsible 21st century market. We offer fresh foods sourced from local farmers, ranchers, cheese makers and food artisans as well as a wide array of seasonally-inspired prepared foods, charcuterie, and house-made staples like condiments, pickles and jams. Our goal is to deliver the freshest, most flavorful food from the bountiful Southeast region of Texas and in so doing, provide regional farmers and food artisans the accessibility and audience to thrive. Our hope is that along the way, we can further educate our customers about where their food comes from and the importance of supporting local farms.

Try our NEW Hanoi style coffees!

Old Quarter Coffee

This rich egg coffee pairs a shot of espresso with an egg saboyan mixture for a super luxurious cup of joe

Hanoi Style Iced Coffee

A refreshingly balanced iced coffee made with double strength cold brew, house cultured yogurt, and sweetened condensed milk